The Age of Missing Information

from by Thanks

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get the fuck off the phone and look me in the eye. you cant once you die. i could give a shit less about the people you text, i mean the phones that your phone is familiar with. but your rudeness aside, can you even describe what its like to live lacking these lifeless devices that undermine all that it means to be ably alive? not even i can. make a real fucking friend, one you never requested and you don't stuff in a drawer on the internet. your whole virtual life you are homeless and blind while the real world flies hurriedly by. but you're rushing for all the wrong reasons. we refuse to slow down for the night or the seasons. yeah, cause we got light bulbs, central heat, and 3d tvs! and i need some room to breathe. who says progress is flawless with the problems its brought us? it cheapens the conscience. we poured all of our hope into economic growth, our hands round the throat of this place we call home. look at a forest, thriving and gorgeous, a beautiful, balanced assortment of life without words such as "progress" no concept of "more." we'll keep chasing tomorrow, with no thought to the sorrow we sow in the bottomless depths of our pockets. we'll blindly devour, huddled close like cowards, while some cultivate peace from a box full of flowers. well i never feel true unless im looking to leave or im looking at you. and you're feeling it too, because the few things you love and that make you feel human, none of them have batteries.


from The Age of Missing Information, released March 5, 2013



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Thanks Toms River, New Jersey

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